One Day Tour Yogyakarta is tour to Yogyakarta and vicinity visiting Sultan's Palace or Kraton, Taman Sari Water Castle, 
    Borobudur and Prambanan Temples.

    Borobudur Tours. The Buddhist monument of the eight and concepts centuries are the precursors of those of Angkor Wat in 
    Cambodia by at least two centuries, while in the famous Borobudur Temple represent at the highest expression of the genius
    artistic of the time and is a major cultural distribution and attraction today. It is located 42 kilometers north west of
    Yogyakarta. The temple was built in between 750 AD and constructed in the dark-grey volcanic stone (lava) in the form of
    truncated pyramid and square foundation.

    Sultan's Palace
where the palace court with its ground and elegant Javanese architecture that lies in the center of the city.
    It was founded by Prince Mangkubumi in 1755. The prince was then called Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I.
    Taman Sari Water Castle Taman Sari which literally means a beautiful park. It is located in the South West of Sultan Palace.
    The park was built by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I in 1758. He created a new style that was a mixture of Javanese and  
    Portugese architecture. There are swimming pools in the inner courtyard and balcony for Sultan and his family.

    Prambanan Temple is located 17 kilometers East of Yogyakarta and the most beautiful Hindu temple in Indonesia.
    The temple was built at the end of 9th century by Hindu - Javanese rulers. There are 16 temples still complete and 224         
    Perwara temples in ruins.

    Dieng Temples
is the group of 7th century Hindu temple compound located in Dieng Plateau, near Wonosobo, Central Java.
    These edifices originate from the Kalingga Kingdom. The plateau is home of eight small Hindu temples that are among the 
    oldest surviving religious structure ever built in Java.
    Color Lake is located one kilometer from Pendawa temple and actually former crater of volcano. It contains any kind of 
    mineral and sulphur such as: white [lime], yellow [sulphur] and green [mud].
    Si Kidang Crater is located one kilometer from color lake and the most active crater at Dieng Plateau area. It always keeps
    moving from one place to another, therefore local people mention it as Si Kidang [Deer].

    Mangkunegaran Palace was built in 1757 by Raden Mas said. This building was constructed in the Joglo style of traditional
    Javanese architecture. Since 1968 the building had been opened as a tourist object.
    Radya Pustaka
formerly as the center for Javanese cultural study and built in 1890 by Javanese noblemen from Kasunanan  
    Palace of Surakarta namely: Sosrodiningrat IV. Visitor can see collection of wooden and leather puppet, weapon, keris,
    Javanese music instrument, Buddha and Hindu statues.
    Triwindu Flea Market is located 400 meters South of Mangkunegaran Palace and only authentic flea market in central Java.
    Many things to see or buy such as Chinese porcelain, Mataram keris, statue, bronze, copper etc.